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Love Ice Cream? — Want to Lose Weight? — Here's How!

Want Success on a Your Low Carb Diet?

Nutritious Low Carb/High Protein Ice Cream

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ICE CREAM LOVERS DIET book is Katja's own true story.

How she ate 700 lbs. of ice cream, over 17 months, and LOST 70 POUNDS!*

Katja makes Dieting Delicious and Satisfying.
You can learn Weight Management and Lose Weight eating her Nutritious Ice Cream!
At 60-something Katja's Ice Cream Diet Success continues today.
That's why she wants to Share Her Success with You.

Nutritious Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Diet Lifestyle Plan that Really Works!*

Make it yourself.... FRESH, at home, in 5 minutes.

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  • Realistic and User-Friendly Guide to Successful Dieting
  • Ice Cream Diet Plan: Recipes and Personal Progress Workbook
  • Understand Low Carb Lifestyle and Diets
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  • 144 pages, full color, glossy pages, lavishly illustrated
  • 8" x 10" quality laminated hybrid covers
  • Hard back cover / soft front cover
  • Spiral binding for durability, lay-flat and fold-back reading
  • Recipes for making your own My EveryDay IceCream
This book is truly a revolutionary read, a written tapestry of global travel and personal adventure. A discussion about proven dietary information that has worked for millions of people, Katja shows you how her nutritional ice cream is the perfect complement for achieving success on any low carb diet. It is truly a splendid read: compelling, fun, educational, engaging and motivational.

If you love ice cream and are looking for an easy plan-of-action to manage your weight successfully, Katja shows you the way with her ICE CREAM LOVERS DIET, a realistic Diet Ice Cream Lifestyle Plan that can work for you.*

The delicious and satisfying way to diet successfully.

My EveryDay IceCream.
Ice Cream that is not only good for you,
it is creamy, delicious and ohhh sooo nutritious!

Join the Global Nutritional Ice Cream Revolution! It Begins with Your First Bowl

* DISCLAIMER: This book is about a healthful, nutritional, weight management lifestyle. Depending on individual dietary choices, individual results will vary.