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Katja Gwynn  

Katja Gwynn,
Author — Adventuress

In this intriguing and compelling book, ICE CREAM LOVERS DIET, the author invites you on a very personal journey of self-discovery, challenges and romance, adventure and perseverance, diet and weight loss. Having been a nutritional advocate for over 40 years, she shares her profound perceptions and considerable research and knowledge about her nutritional lifestyle, as well as how to finally achieve success at individual weight management. You will come to know Katja intimately, and gain valuable insights about yourself through a myriad of intriguing tales relating her own, uniquely exotic and intrepid journey.

ICE CREAM LOVERS DIET is Katja Gwynn's own true story, how she ate 700 lbs. of her nutritious ice cream, over 17 months, to lose 70 lbs!*

"It's true. By my late forties I had blossomed to nearly 200 pounds — I was not happy. I had five children and a grandchild. Though petite at only 5'3", being overweight I was losing my health, my energy, my youth... I was desperate. What was I supposed to do?

"I went low carb, and it was working. But, I missed the joy of eating the foods I loved. Miraculously, I discovered the perfect  solution — ice cream. Weight-management ice cream! Nutritional Ice Cream!

"I kid you not. I make it in my blender - in 5 minutes. Fresh. Every day. Energy, vitality, joy, love... they all came back. And how." 


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* DISCLAIMER: This book is about a healthful, nutritional, weight management lifestyle. Depending on individual dietary choices, individual results will vary.