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  Your book was helpful *

By Linda L. on 15 February 2016

It’s true – I am not hungry after being on the diet for a week.  I’ve lost a couple of pounds.

  What?? Dieting can be fun?? *

By Customer on 8 January 2016

Even I can do this!

  What?? Dieting can be fun?? *

By Customer on 16 December 2015

I had the pleasure of meeting Katja and trying her delicious and nutrious ice creams. I don't know if I've ever met a person with more knowledge about health and nutrition. Her enthusiasm and sincere desire to help struggling dieters is palpable. She is living proof of the efficacy of her revolutionary product and fun weight loss plan. I'm a believer! You will be too after reading her colorful and fun book and seeing the results of eating her delicious and nutrious ice creams.

  Inspiration goes a long way *

By Sam on 16 December 2015

Inspiration goes a long way, and the author hits a homerun as she shares her journey to a healthier, more beautiful place!! It's as if she is in your own living room telling her story. You can't help but feel encouraged. Additionally, Katja thoughtfully includes pages for personalizing my own life adventure 😊 Love it!   A great book to enter the new year with! Chocolate icecream, here I come!!

  capture the psychology of eating and dieting *

By Customer on 15 December 2015

Awesome.  Read some more of your book last night.  It's so you!   Interesting to know the author.  It oozes your personality which is so adorable, enthusiastic and fun.
Love ur writing style.  
You definitely capture the psychology of eating and dieting.  Rings true.  Again, great style, very personable.  Feel like you are talking to me. 

  I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

By Wakeupandbeamazing on 14 December 2015

Absolutely amazing! I ate it twice a day in the summer. I just can't believe that it enables me to actually "loose weight"!
Holy Moly! ICE CREAM helps me loose weight.....REALLY!!!!!!!
I am now at the same weight I was in high school and I'm 58 years old!
(Glad to be above the green) ha
I had the pleasure of meeting Katja!!!! Oh what a delight!!! She was full of energy and was as wonderful as her ice cream!
If you have any issues of weather to order this product, you are crazy if you delay. You can be on your way to having the body you want in no time flat.
I did it and am sooooooo proud of myself. (pat pat)!
Thank you sooooooo much Katja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  Love my MEDIC! *

By whiskerssmitten on 14 December 2015

I received the ice cream lovers diet book from a dear friend! The recipes for the ice cream are unbelievable I have chocolate ice cream every night for dinner! No more cooking for me it's ice cream every night! The book is packed with a lot of great information to help me with eating healthy and losing weight. The graphs and the charts in the workbook are my favorite part! I love this book! I am picking one up for my sister!

[ MEDIC = My EveryDay IceCream ]

  Better in every way plus more nutritious *

By Andre S. on 14 December 2015

Compared to store bought ice cream, there is no comparison! Better in every way plus more nutritious.
Imagine eating ice cream everyday, and still don't pick up weight :)
Besides getting your hands on these recipes, get the book and learn the secrets to better health through ice cream.

  Enjoy! By Bob *

By Bob T. on 11 December 2015

Hand crafted by the author this yummy ice cream is a dream lovers diet. Never got enough, but now I will!!! Enjoy!

   happiness, vigor and enjoyment of life ... *

By Micah M. on 11 December 2015

I've seen first-hand the results of this idea and lifestyle; how it affects the happiness, vigor and enjoyment of life of the person using these ideas and methods.
I highly recommend it for anyone trying to get in shape, get healthy, and/or stay that way.

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* DISCLAIMER: This book is about a healthful, nutritional, weight management lifestyle. Depending on individual dietary choices, individual results will vary.